Call for Papers

Second Emergency Medicine Foundation Program (EMFP)

We are excited to announce the launch of our medical journal, the Journal of Federal Medical College (JFMC). The scope of the new medical journal encompasses a wide range of content including pioneering biomedical research, clinical best practices, advancements in various therapy areas and medical education. We invite you to submit your original articles, review articles, systemic reviews, meta-analysis, short communication, case reports, commentary and quizzes to the journal. As an emerging public sector publication platform in medical community, we provide a platform for wide range of content, fostering collaboration and sharing ground breaking discoveries. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or a budding scholar, we welcome submissions from all backgrounds and specialties. Together, let’s drive positive change and make a difference in the world of science. Submit your manuscripts today at and be a part of our mission to elevate health care through knowledge and collaboration.